Do I need to wait until my puppy has had all its vaccinations?

The best person to answer this is your Vet. All puppies are on different vaccination timings and experience different risks. To be on the safe side, please check with your vet when you go for vaccinations to check when they recommend that your puppy is allowed to mix with other pups. We cannot accept puppies without seeing their vaccination certificate, to make sure we keep all our pups safe.

What should I bring?

For all puppy parties and classes your pup will need a flat collar and lead (no chains please and DEFINITELY no extendable leads!), a water bowl, a favourite mat or blanket to lie on and a favourite toy. Bring treats too – we use a lot in our training! They need to be your pups very favourite thing chopped up really small – ham, chicken, sausage all work well. Pieces should be no bigger than your little finger nail. We will have a selection of teats available in class too in case you run out or forget! We might from time to time ask you to bring other things to some classes – we’ll let you know about these

Will I need to practice with my dog in between classes?

Yes, yes and yes! Aim to practice in short bursts (no more than 3 minutes at a time) up to 10 times a day for the best results! Anything you can do is a bonus -your puppy will tell us if you haven’t practiced.

Will I get any notes?

For Puppy School, every puppy owner will get sent a full colour manual that accompanies the class, sets out what you need to practice and has loads of helful tips. Other classes will have hand outs on the topics covered in the class. These are paper copies or we can email them if that’s easier. For 1-2-1 sessions you will be given hand outs, a tailor made plan if you need one, and other support materials as necessary.

What if my puppy needs to wee or worse in class?

Don’t worry! Most puppies of this age are not fully in control of all their functions yet. Try and empty your puppy before he/she comes into class, and keep an eye on them in class. Any sign of a squat or intensive pre-poo sniffing, just grab your pup and take them outside (grassy area outside the hall) or onto the papered area provided. If all else fails we have mops and buckets and paper towels to get things back to normal quickly.

Will I have to do anything difficult?

All the exercises we do in class are designed to be fun, accessible and easy to do. However, puppies and people all have their off days, and if you are struggling with anything in class or out, we are here to help, and definitely not to judge or make you feel embarrassed, singled out or stupid! We try and give everyone individual attention in class and can always follow up by phone or email in between if you are having problems with a particular issue.

Can I bring the kids?

Yes! We actively encourage puppy owners in particluar to bring their children aged 5 and over to class – it helps all the puppies get used to having kids around, and is a great way to make sure that the whole family understands how to be around the puppy. We have colouring and dog related word searches on hand for those with low listening thresholds!

I’m going to miss a week of class – does it matter?

Whilst its best to attend every class if you possibly can, we understand that life gets in the way, and missing the odd one won’t hurt too much. The pups are always welcome to attend with a family friend or other caregiver if you are not able to come on a specific date – just let us know who we can expect in class 🙂

My dog is being sick – can we still bring him?

If a dog has been poorly and is off his food or even just unusually listless, it’s better not to bring him to class until he’s fully recovered. We need to make sure that all the dogs in class are kept fit and well, so please do let us know if your pup has been unwell and we will advise you whether to come or not. Don’t forget – you can still come, even if the dog stays at home! We would also always recommend asking your vet’s advice if you think your dog is unwell.

What if I need extra help?

All class particpants will receive weekly follow up emails with additional snippets of advice and info after each class. They are also able to ask for help by phone or email whilst their course is running. We will try our best to help in this way. If the issue needs more investigation we can always come and do a 1-2-1 with you at home, although this will be charged for.at the normal rate.

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