Juniors Beginners Class

Basic Beginners Class

A mini course for older puppies, aged 5 – 12 months old, to teach basic obedience and life skills.

Maximum 6 puppies per class.

This course is aimed at owners with puppies aged 20 weeks to 12 months, who would like help with the following:

  • Basic manners (sit/ down etc)
  • On-lead walking (Heel-work)
  • Off-lead listening (Recall)
  • Jumping up (at people)
  • Settling behaviours, at home and in public places (so you can confidently take your dog to the café/pub 😊)
  • Stay (building impulse control)
  • Improving manners around food and other objects.

This course is only suitable for dogs who can be close to other dogs without being worried/ getting over excited or very vocal. This is NOT a socialisation class but dogs do work in close proximity to one another.

No previous training is required. If you aren’t sure about your dogs suitability please message us before booking.

Children aged 5 and over are welcome to attend if they are interested in helping to train their dog, but an adult will be required to supervise at all times please.

How long is it?

The course runs for four weeks, one hour per class. Each week we will build on your learning to help your dog be better mannered in the outside world. (You will need to practice at home too!!!)

Cost:  £50 One hour per week, for four weeks. Payable upon booking (see below for link).
Next class starts: 27th February 2019 at 8pm, St Peter’s Church, Bramley, LS13 3JF.

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