About Sociable Dogs

About Us

Alex Smith owns and manages Sociable Dogs, and runs classes in Pool in Wharfedale & Bramley

“I started Sociable Dogs to give people confidence and reassurance with their dogs. The classes and sessions I run help people understand their companions, be able to live and work with them successfully and joyfully, and prevent problems from getting out of hand.

I’ve had a dog in my life for as long as I’ve been alive (which is knocking on for quite a while now…!) Currently I am owned by two cockerpoos – Tig (aged 5) and Scout (aged 2)

I am absolutely passionate about raising dogs to be happy, healthy and fulfilled by their lives with us humans. To say I am obsessed with dogs in something of an understatement. I’m also a serial attender of dog related seminars and training events. Heroes include Gwen Bailey, Ian Dunbar , Sarah Whitehead, Victoria Schade, Patricia O’Connell, Susan Garrett, Chirag Patel, Susan Friedman and Ken Ramirez.

As well as being a Puppy School Tutor, I am very proud to be a registered Animal Trainer Instructor with the ABTC (Animal Behaviour Training Council). The ABTC are a regulated body for trainers and behaviourists and it is the only animal welfare charity that is primarily concerned with protecting the psychological welfare of animals undergoing training and behaviour activities. ABTC sets and maintains the standards of knowledge and practical skills needed to be an animal trainer, training instructor or behaviourist, and I am very happy to part of this organisation!

I am also a qualified Perfect Fit Harness fitter, and a Raw Feeding Advisor with Natures Menu.

In my other life I am qualified bookkeeper and director of Bookkeeping Leeds – a separate business in North Leeds tending to 25 clients. I know which business I prefer doing!”

Be your dog’s best friend, call us today on 0113 880 0984 or 07786 534347